HR Consulting - Case Study


With more than 50 years of success streak, the Client Company is a leading manufacturer of terminal blocks and a pioneer in the field of Electrical Wire Termination Technology in India.


Organizational Context

The Client Company is committed to ensure that it has the right people for the right job encouraging excellence in performance from every employee. This is consistent with the Organization's stated goal of preparing for growth, attracting and retaining the best talent, investing in the development of people, recognizing and rewarding performance and introducing best practices aligned to the changing environment. In an increasingly competitive market place, organizations need people with a passion for their jobs, to achieve great results. Developing people's ability to work at their highest level of effectiveness is a critical on-going challenge.


NAMAN Intervention

The solution was accomplished through a systematic approach by formulating a steering committee at the Client Company. NAMAN held meeting with the steering committee and collected data concerning various work challenges. Aspects like lack of transparency in assessing an individual, lack of objectivity amongst various other factors were identified.


Behavioral competencies were identified through Job analysis and the Supervisors Interview process to gather data related to common behavioral themes and trends. NAMAN also brought in their knowledge about the best practices adopted by other organizations including behavioral competencies.


After the data was analyzed, a list of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for performing the said tasks was charted out. The identified competencies were used to describe behaviors which would demonstrate possession of these particular competencies in observable terms. The analyzed data was then reviewed to ensure their relevance to the identified jobs/ job clusters/ job levels and was indicative of high level performance.


Based on the Behavioral competencies, indicators were developed which would be observable to raters.


A full set of Behavioral competencies were documented along with proficiency levels and Behavior competency indicators which were then validated by ERDA.


After validation, the Competency Dictionary was developed.


The workshop was conducted by NAMAN on how to use the developed competency dictionary effectively while appraising Appraisee's on job.



The following outcomes were observed:


  • Increased productivity in more than 50% of employees due to role clarity after having the Performance Management System installed and particular competencies were defined for each role as well.
  • Reduction in production costs as clear performance indicators for quality and production departments were defined.
  • Addressed issues related to overstaffing and under performance, by restructuring of departments.



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