People Development Programs - Strictly Professional/ Brevity is the soul of wit - Workshop on Business Etiquette

Corporate mannerisms are neither about "Suiting up" nor attending extravagant meetings in glass cabins. It demands being very confident in one's own skin while portraying a very professional image to the world. Certain minute alterations in an individual's behaviour can help enhance the societal image. Being aware of the dos and don'ts in a business environment is a key to develop effective business mannerisms. Right from the appropriate body language to the correct way of presenting a business card can help in creating a great corporate image.



The program is designed to enable participants to


  • Identify and demonstrate appropriate office behaviour
  • Demonstrate the professional use of telephone in a business environmen
  • List steps to deal with difficult people at work
  • Write effective emails and communicate effectively at work



Focus Areas

Making a great first impression


  • How to present yourself to people
  • How to make proper introductions, paying and receiving compliments, small talk and networking
  • Developing your professional and personal image
  • Managing different personalities


Conversation appetizers


  • Greeting component
  • Introductions
  • Addressing individuals
  • The protocol of shaking hands
  • Handing over the business card


Body language essentials


  • Usage of expressions
  • Voice, pitch, tone inflection
  • Eye contact
  • Body posture
  • Respecting one's personal space


Effective Call Handling


  • Key Phases of an Outbound/Inbound Call
  • Hold Procedure
  • Dead Air
  • Usage of the Right Tone of Voice
  • Forbidden Phrases to Avoid
  • Body Language over the Telephone


Dressing right


  • The Dos and Don'ts of formal dressing
  • Understand various dress codes for different occasions
  • Personal hygiene for men and women


Effective business e-mails


Presenting in front of a live audience





  • Video and Audio
  • Role plays
  • Practice sessions
  • Facilitator led discussions



  • Prepare the presentation - how to make presentations interesting
  • Structured usage of audio-visuals
  • Handling a difficult audience
  • Understand the email format
  • Send effective and precise emails
  • Form and tone of emails
  • Responding to messages


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