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The word Confluence originates form the Latin word “Confluentia” which means to “Flow together”. It is imperative for organizations to bring employees together and see how best they can work together. The thoughts and ideas of many can help develop a strong foundation for a growing organization with lasting values.
A unified team can withstand all hardships faced in challenging situations and can work cohesively if they have all their shields down in a trust worthy work environment.



The workshop is designed to assist participants to:

  • Create a cohesive team environment leading to synergy
  • Respect differences and extend proactive support to other team members
  • Build high performing teams


Focus Areas


Positive Attitude and Trust at Workplace

  • Importance and benefits of trust and positive attitude at workplace
  • Being positive towards your organization and leaders
  • Cultivate and demonstrate positivity and trust towards organization


Role in Promoting 3Ps

  • Positivity - as a general attitude
  • Pride - for associating with the organization
  • Performance - excellence in everyday work



  • Importance of own role and contribution towards organization
  • Ownership, importance of same at workplace
  • Displaying pro-activeness and self-motivation
  • Commitment to organizational needs – process, time and quality


Dealing with Conflicts with teams

  • Respecting differences - agree to disagree
  • Work towards and create win-win scenarios
  • Power of dialogue
  • Crucial conversations and diffusing negative emotions
  • Persuasive communication


Building Team Cohesion

  • Individual's role in creating and promoting team cohesiveness
  • Benefits of functioning in a cohesive team environment
  • Understanding team roles and value others’ role and their initiatives
  • Effective team processes - communication, ownership, accountability and feedback
  • Building trust and empathetic listening


Cooperate Transversally

  • Being proactive collaborator
  • Win-win approach
  • Constructive conflict management


Building High Performing Teams

  • Factors affecting the process of building High Performing Teams
  • Being a proactive collaborator
  • Steer team processes effectively - problem solving, decision making, communication within teams.
  • Understand reasons for team failure
  • Establish effective conflict management mechanism





  • Outbound/ In-house Simulation exercises
  • Facilitator led Discussions
  • Video and Audio
  • Psychometric tool


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