People Development Programs - Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is not just for monetary transactions but also for managing and collaborating with people. Negotiation is an integral part of these processes during which you try to reach common ground. To develop long-term healthy work relationships, all parties involved should feel that they are being offered a fair deal and hence would want to interact with us again. If an individual approaches negotiation looking for a win - win outcome, it will make a positive impact on everyone involved hence creating customer satisfaction and retention.



The workshop is designed to assist participants to


  • Prepare beforehand for a negotiation
  • Understand the process of negotiation and how to direct it
  • Identify and react based on body language of the customer
  • Reflect on how one's behavior contributes or blocks team achievement
  • Create an environment of healthy confrontation (conflicts), openness and trust
  • Establish synergy



Focus Areas

The Attitude Component


  • Define negotiation
  • Discussion: Negative Attitudes - Scope and Impact
  • Take Your Stance: Position-based Negotiation vs. Interest-based Negotiation
  • The Relevance of Interest-based Negotiations: When and Why


Planning and Preparation


  • Preparatory Phase
  • Situational Background Analysis
  • Set Realistic Objectives
  • Develop Strategies for Contingencies
  • Selection of Appropriate 'Tactics'
  • Determine Time Frame
  • Identify Negotiables - Backup Architecture "Sharpen The Saw" - importance of learning new skills


Managing expectations, Building rapport and Exchanging information


  • Gather Information - Why and How
  • Understand Expectations - Yours, and the other side's!
  • Flaws in the Listening Process
  • Get the other Guy to talk more!
    • Select the appropriate question
    • Probing skills
  • Establish Common Ground - Most Critical Phase
  • Empathy - the 6 steps


Communication Skills and Personality Traits


  • Interpretation - Verbal and Non-verbal cues from the other side of the table
  • Relationship Grid - Your Competitive Advantage during a Negotiation
  • Assertiveness - How to say 'No' across the table


The Skill Component


  • Common 'Tactics' and How they Work
  • Keep your BATNA ready with you!


Managing Conflict


  • Sources of Conflict during a Negotiation
  • Types of Conflict
  • The 5 Standard Conflict Resolution Styles
  • Eight Steps of Handling Conflict during the Negotiation Process


Closure and Follow-up


  • Closing the deal - When and How
  • Defined Benchmarks of a Win-Win Approach
  • Key Differences between a Winning and Losing Negotiator
  • Common Errors - Why they happen and How to avoid them
  • Follow-Up to a Successful Negotiation





  • Facilitator led Discussions
  • Video and Audio
  • Simulation exercises
  • Role Plays
  • Case studies




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