Strengths Based Development - FAQs

Q1: What Is MIDAS?

A: MIDAS is an acronym for "Maximize 'I' thru Discovery & Application of Strengths".


MIDAS is a 1 day Strengths based developmental intervention for individual development which focuses on areas he/ she is naturally good at. It is different from other conventional interventions or individual development programs which focus on individual's weaknesses or glamorously called "areas of improvements".


MIDAS still talks about development - however it is developmental initiative to help individuals develop by focusing on his/ her areas of strengths than areas of weakness.


Q2: Why MIDAS?

A: Identifying and building on one's talent allows one to achieve greatness.


The prevalent assumptions in relation to development are that:


  • All behaviours can be learned.
  • The best performers display the same behaviours across the role. (Example - all leaders show same behaviours of being a great leader. Which is not true in itself - Abraham Lincoln, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler all of them are recognized as great leaders of their great times, however each one of them played on their own strengths to create an impact.)
  • Individuals identify area of weaknesses, fix them and attain success.



These prevalent assumptions of development may restrict one's achievement to greatness.


The strengths based development is based on observations that:


  • Not all, only some behaviours can be learned.
  • The best performers in a role deliver the same outcome using different behaviours across the roles.
  • Weakness fixing prevents failures while strengths based development leads to success.



MIDAS workshop helps individual or organization pay attention to "What an individual possesses" and presents way forward to leverage on identified individual talents. Talents not only make every individual unique but they do more than just making an individual unique. It helps to see individual from a holistic purpose.


Q3: Why MIDAS at Naman?

The workshop uses Gallup® StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment, which is taken and validated by 10 million people across the Globe. Approximately 5000 take the assessment each day.


Workshop offers 34 theme full report as well as post workshop one tele coaching session by certified strengths coach.


Naman has 5 Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches on its roll.


Naman has worked with over 2500 associates from over 60 companies on Strengths platform.


Naman's partnership with Gallup Inc. (India) to promote strengths based development initiatives.


Q4: What Is the total number of batches of MIDAS or any strengths based Interventions Naman has done so far?


  • Total 5 batches of public program MIDAS are covered so far. (2 in Mumbai &2 in Baroda)
  • Naman has also conducted MIDAS program or In house strengths based development program for different companies.
  • Has helped 3 teams to develop its vision and mission using strengths platform.



Q5: What other work Naman had done in areas of Strengths?


  • OD interventions in organization using Strengths as platform across organization
  • Helped team of management to set their vision and mission for organization
  • Managing changes in team using strengths



Q6: What is Strength? What Is the difference between talent & strength?

A: As defined by Gallup®


  • Strength is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance.
  • Talent is a natural way of thinking, feeling or behaving.


For something to be called 'Strength' there are 2 prerequisite - Talent and Investment i.e. time spent on practicing, developing skill, and building on knowledge base.


Q7: How do I know what my talents are?

A:The best way to identify one's talents is to monitor one's behaviour and feelings over a period of time besides:


  • Yearnings - activities that one is naturally drawn to or attracted to
  • Rapid Learning - An ability to rapidly learn a new skill
  • Satisfactions - satisfaction one may gain during / after the activity
  • Monitor one's spontaneous and top of the mind reactions to situations encountered
  • Take Gallup® StrengthsFinder 2.0 to uncover one's Talents



Q8: What Is Gallup® StrengthsFinder 2.0?

The Gallup® Strengths Finder 2.0 is a web-based assessment tool that measures the presence of '34 Talent Themes' in individuals.


The assessment helps individual discover rank order on 34 themes and individual's personalized insight report on its signature themes i.e. Top 5. These top 5 talent themes of an individual are called 'Signature Themes'.


Some facts about StrengthsFinder 2.0


  • More than 10 million people have taken the Strengths Finder to date
  • Approximately 5000 people take it each day
  • Available in 24 languages worldwide
  • The chance of someone else having your top 5 themes in the same order as you is 1: 33 million
  • If one re-takes the assessment the individual will be very likely to have the same 5 out of 5 talent themes
  • Each one of us is unique - personalized strengths report gives access to how individuals with same talent themes use their themes differently to create same impact and achieve the same outcome.



Q9: Can my talent theme change?

A: Because talents are naturally enduring, it is unlikely that individuals' talent will change significantly over the course of one's life. However by shifting focus and acquiring new skills and knowledge to capitalize on greatest talents in different ways, individual can develop new talents.


Q10: Will I be "labeled", "stereotyped", or "put In a box" based on my talent theme?

A: 'No'. The intent behind the strengths-based approach is to help individuals learn and understand how to apply their own specific talents and figure out how to best capitalize on your talents in whatever role or job or occupation or profession an individual is in.


One should make an effort to figure out how to best capitalize on one's talent in whatever role or job or occupation or profession.


Q11: So! Should I stop focusing on my areas of weaknesses?

A: In a strengths based approach; weakness is a shortage, misapplication of talent, skill or knowledge.


The strengths-based approach is not about ignoring weaknesses because ignoring weaknesses actually make them worse. Strengths based approach helps an individual to manage and deal with weaknesses using one's talents.


Q12: What if I do not have strengths that are helpful In my current role?

A: According to Gallup's research, although certain strengths may appear to be quite consistently dominant within certain professions, it may not be appropriate to say that given a profession/role requires certain talents only. Strengths based development offers individual, ways to capitalize on his/her top 5 talent themes in whatever or whichever profession one selects or is in.


Q13: How do I Implement my report? How would It be beneficial to me?

A: The Strengths Finder assessment report is often used as a starting point for self-discovery. After a respondent has completed the assessment, he /she receive a customized and detailed report consisting of:


  • Individual's personalized strengths on Top 5 Talent themes and complete profile on 34 themes
  • Personalized strengths insight comprising of how an individual with given potential strength is likely to express the strength in day to day life
  • Set of `Ideas for Actions' for more informed view of self


MIDAS strengths facilitators help participants to reflect on the report and develop an action plan based on it to match with participants' role and goal.


Q14: Application of MIDAS?

A: It is strongly believed that once the individual discovers talents, one begins to make out where to invest time, energy, skills and knowledge (Investment) to develop given talent into strength. When one gets an opportunity to do what one is best at, one not only gets efficient, but one's quality of work also enhances and one feels more satisfied and engaged to organization.



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