Assessment /Development Centre - FAQs

1. What is an Assessment/Development Centre?

The Assessment / Development Centre is used to analyze the set of defined competencies in the employees which are desired by the organization for its future development. It is a modern method of assessing the capacity and competence of the employees with a high degree of objectivity. It allows the identification of strengths and weaknesses of each employee / candidate or the group.

2. Why hold Assessment Centres?

  • They are one of the most reliable methods of assessing candidates.
  • They are generally accepted as a fair method of selection, wherein equal opportunities are provided for all candidates and the selection process is done on merit.
  • They are designed to provide the selectors with as much information as possible about candidates.

3. Why do employers use Assessment Centres?

Employers use Assessment Centres for the following purposes:


  • Selection
  • Career development
  • Potential Appraisal
  • Identification of high potential managers
  • Succession planning
  • Allocations of challenging assignments
  • Management development
  • Identification of training

4. What parameters will be assessed?

Individuals are assessed on identified competencies and their behaviour indicators. Competencies are general descriptions of the behavior and underlying characteristics needed to successfully perform a particular role at the required level. Assessment Centre is concerned with how an individual carries out a particular element of their role rather than merely what they do.

5. How are behaviors measured?

Behaviours are complex and hence difficult to quantify accurately. The professionals who design assessment centre exercises usually try to overcome this problem by sub-dividing behaviours into proficiency level wise behaviour indicators or BARS which are more specific and hence objectively measurable.

6. What kind of tests/exercises will be conducted?

  • Individual exercises - case studies, role plays, interviews, presentations
  • Group simulation exercises - group discussion, simulation games
  • Paper pencil Exercises - psychometric tests, in basket exercise

7. Why are these tests/exercises conducted?

The candidates are put through a series of group and individual exercises designed to simulate the conditions of a given job to determine the competencies that are necessary to perform that job.

8. Who will assess?

Participants are observed for selected competencies by observers called assessors. The analysis and assessment of competencies with the participation of several assessors, makes the entire process more objective.

9. What happens at an assessment Centre?

Assessment Centres usually last for one or two days, during which a group of candidates (typically 6 to 8 individuals) participate in a range of individual and group tasks. These tasks/ exercises are designed to assess the competencies that the employer requires. The group exercises (and some of the individual exercises, such as presentations) will be observed by assessors noting the competencies and the behaviour indicators displayed by candidates.

10. Are candidates competing against one another?

No. Assessment Centers are carried out with the purpose to help candidates and provide them with the opportunity to give their best than to compete with each other.

11. Who makes the final decision on candidates?

At the end of the Assessment Centre, all the assessors discuss about all aspects of the candidates performance. The assessors rate the candidates and give evidence upon which their ratings are based, this is then discussed among all the assessors to arrive at a final rating for the candidate.

12. Can I ask for feedback and If so, when will it take place?

On the day of Assessment / Development Centre, assessors provide you with feedback besides which they also work towards developing individual reports. Participants are informed about the report sharing schedule. The feedback and the report sharing gives the individual an insight into their strengths and areas for improvement and therefore will be vital for their professional and personal growth.


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